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This is a page about the current PhysTEC leadership, including advisors and consultants.

Michael Wittmann head shot

Michael Wittmann

Principal Investigator

Head of Education

American Physical Society

Monica Plisch head shot

Monica Plisch

Co-Principal Investigator

Director of Programs

American Physical Society


Beth Cunningham head shot

Beth Cunningham

Co-Principal Investigator

Executive Officer

American Association of Physics Teachers


Robert Hilborn head shot

Robert Hilborn

Associate Executive Officer

American Association of Physics Teachers


Annelise ‘Skylen’ Roti Roti (they/them/theirs) head shot

Annelise ‘Skylen’ Roti Roti (they/them/theirs)

Education Program Manager

American Physical Society


Christine O'Donnell  head shot

Christine O'Donnell

Education Program Manager

American Physical Society

Mark Hannum head shot

Mark Hannum

K-12 Program Manager

American Association of Physics Teachers


Stephanie Chasteen head shot

Stephanie Chasteen

Evaluation Consultant

Chasteen Educational Consulting

Jon Anderson head shot

Jon Anderson

PhysTEC Teacher/TIR Coordinator

Physics Teacher

Centennial High School


Advisory Committee

Laura Henriques, Advisory Committee Chair, Chair of Science Education, California State University, Long Beach
Charles Henderson, Co-director, Western Michigan University Center for Research on Instructional Change in Postsecondary Education; Senior Editor, Physical Review PER
Michael Marder, Physics, University of Texas, Austin; Executive Director, UTeach
Valerie Otero, Science Education, University Colorado at Boulder; co-Director, LA Alliance
Willie Rockward, Chair and Professor of Physics, Morgan State University
Andy Rundquist, Physics Department, Hamline University; Founder, Global Physics Department


Alma Robinson, Editor, Teacher Preparation Section of Forum on Education Newsletter, 2014-2021

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