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Getting Started with Physics Teacher Preparation

Do you want to get more involved with physics teacher education preparation? Are you looking to get started on building your own physics teacher education program?

If you don’t have a program for preparing physics teachers or if you don’t know much about it, here’s how you can get started.

Promote Accurate Perceptions of the Physics Teaching Profession

Talk with colleagues and primary advisors in your department about the real benefits of physics teaching. These facts about high school physics teaching careers can help you get started.

Reach Out to Whomever is in Charge of Teacher Preparation Within Your Institution

Often, this is someone in the education department. Begin a discussion to obtain their support for building a physics teacher preparation program and provide advisors with baseline knowledge on how to direct students interested in high school teaching. This begins the process of building leadership and collaboration.

Know Who to Have in Your Corner

You’ll need support from colleagues and a number of administrative faculty, including heads or deans of education, physics, or engineering/science, and even the Provost or President of your institution. Be sure that those you gain support from will be able to help you with recruiting, advising, grant or financial support, building teacher-friendly degree tracks, and championing a culture of quality teacher preparation.

Consider implementing these other recommendations for building institutional commitment at your college or university and join a community of those committed to eliminating the shortage of physics teachers (and get more resources and support) by becoming a member of PhysTEC.

Ready To Do More?

Start building infrastructure to create a physics teacher education program by taking these steps:

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