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We strongly recommend making a plan to start using the Get the Facts Out resources. Based on careful research, they are designed to take advantage of the surprising fact that about half of all physics majors have at least some interest in a teaching career but just do not know much about it.

Get The Facts Out resources include customizable brochures, posters, presentation slides and notes (both for students and for the faculty and advisors who interact with them), and strategies for positive messaging. They are proven to give most people a more accurate picture of what the STEM teaching profession is like.

Changing perceptions of teaching will attract more students

Use the Get the Facts Out resources to:

Use positive messages about the teaching profession. The facts about teaching, including the most effective ways to share them, have been studied by the Get the Facts Out researchers. Read them, and then have honest conversations and show students that teaching is a fulfilling career both financially and in job satisfaction.

Get faculty to encourage students who want pursue a teaching career. Faculty attitudes have a strong influence on students. Encourage your colleagues to adopt and model the attitude that teaching is an intellectually challenging activity worthy of the same degree of respect as physics research. The faculty-facing presentation included with the Get the Facts Out resources is a great place to start.

Host a departmental event for students interested in teaching. Create a safe space for students to talk about their interest in teaching, and provide free food. Try to get as many faculty as possible and at least one local high school teacher to attend. Use the student-facing presentation from Get the Facts Out.

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