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2021 PhysTEC Conference

2021 PhysTEC Conference

March 5-6, 2021: A Virtual Experience

Thank you to all who joined us!

Enhance Your Institution's Physics Teacher Education Program

116 participants joined us at the nation's largest meeting dedicated to the education of future physics teachers with workshops, plenary sessions, panel sessions, and table discussions led by physics teacher preparation experts. It was lovely to connect with you all and take a look at current and future physics teacher education. Our conversations revolved heavily around:

  • Online Teaching and the Future of Physics and Physics Teacher Education\n- Maintaining Physics Teacher Education Through Budget Cuts, an
  • Creating Inclusive Culture


March 5, 2021
TimeSession Details
4:12pm - 4:13pm


4:50pm - 4:51pm

Breakout Session 1
Speakers: Monica, PlischReAnna, RobyMel, SabellaRachel, Scherr

A: An Introduction to PhysTEC and Physics Teacher Education Today B: Fostering a critical awareness in physics teaching and learning: Leveraging cultural resources to address trauma C: Periscope Video Lessons: Looking into learning in best-practices physics classrooms

6:00am - 6:01am

Talk-out 1

Talk-out sessions will be a semi-structured networking opportunity where participants get to debrief about the sessions they have attended thus far.

6:51pm - 6:52pm

Plenary Panel 1: Strategies for Inclusive Teaching

How can teaching and teacher education help promote an equitable and inclusive culture in schools, in STEM, and in the world? Faculty experts will discuss their work in creating environments in STEM classrooms and departments that go beyond diversity and cultivate justice. Led by Monica Plisch, Director of Programs at the American Physical Society, the panel will share strategies, ideas, and tools that are successful in uplifting voices that are often ignored. Join us for a candid and thoughtful discussion about what works and what is still most needed to bring equity to the STEM and education communities.

8:00pm - 8:01pm

Breakout Session 2
Speakers: Sara, CalloriSarah, FormicaAllison, DaubertAngela, JohnsonJosh, GrossmanMeg, GardnerMatt, RichardDavid, CraigTheodore, Hodapp

A: Lightning Session: Recruiting Using Get the Facts Out Materials B: Online Teacher Community C: Teacher preparation and departmental survival: Using the EP3 Guide

9:20pm - 9:21pm

Poster Session

The Poster Session will be hosted in an embedded Gather.Town space within the QiqoChat PhysTEC Conference Event. All posters will be interactive objects that can be viewed while speaking with the presenter.

Plenary Speakers

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