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School districts in the United States consistently rank physics as the highest teacher shortage area among all academic disciplines. The 5+ Club bridges the gap by reinforcing the efforts of US-based colleges and universities to graduate more physics educators. Since 2012, The 5+ Club has recognized dozens of postsecondary institutions for graduating five or more physics teachers in a given year, a figure that puts them in the 99th percentile of all institutions.

University of Central Florida marker
University of Central Florida
Brigham Young University - Idaho marker
Brigham Young University - Idaho
Rutgers University - New Brunswick marker
Rutgers University - New Brunswick
The College of New Jersey marker
The College of New Jersey
New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning marker
New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning
SUNY Stony Brook marker
SUNY Stony Brook
Texas State University marker
Texas State University
Brigham Young University marker
Brigham Young University
Virginia Tech marker
Virginia Tech

2020-2021 Awardees

Past Awardees

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