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Report Card on Physics Teacher Preparation in North Carolina

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Majored in Physics et al.


Completed Program in Physics Education


Certified to Teach Physics


Numbers of new physics teachers include those prepared by IHE-based and non-IHE-based programs, reported in three different ways. For more information about these numbers, see the FAQ.

North Carolina Honor Roll

Top 100 Annual Producers of Physics Teachers
Institution NameAverage GraduatesSupported SiteMember Institution5+ Club Supported Site
1East Carolina University2.0is phystec member site
2Appalachian State University1.0is phystec member site
3Duke University0.3
3University of North Carolina at Asheville0.3is phystec member site
3University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill0.3is supported siteis phystec member site
3University of North Carolina at Charlotte0.3

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